BXG-Beko Xtreme Gear face masks

BXG face masks were designed to allow you to breath at full capacity without fogging your eye wear or overheating
your head/neck. Therefore, the masks attach to your ears without blanketing the back of your head/neck to prevent unwanted perspiration, condensation, hyperventilation and dehydration all while preserving access to your mouth for hydration and clear communication.
Available in M/S (105-145Lbs.) and M/L (145-185 Lbs.) sizes.

  • CHEEKO $12.95
  • Peeko $18.95
  • Fantom $24.95

Beko Nose Covers

Our Beko Nose Covers are Hand Washable, Durable, and Comfortable! They Block The Sun's Dangerous UVA/UVB Rays with a 500 SPF Rating! Beko Nose Covers Fit on All Wire Frames, Plastic Frames, and Goggles . They are Suitable in Both Hot and Cold Climate.
Available in XS, S, M, L and XL sizes.

  • Beko 2010 $7.95
  • Beko 2012 $8.95
  • Beko CLASSIC $9.99


"The World’s Smallest Billboard"

We can customize your advertisement on our unique paper perforated nose cover. The easiest, convenient, and aordable Nosevertising. If your company sponsor a sports team, a charity, a walk-a-thon, or any other kind of sponsorship, wouldn't it be great to give people something? for souvenir, or a token, something to use, with your design or company logo on it. Your company not only doing sponsorship and advertisement, you are also protecting people's noses. Do good, feel good...uniqueness is just an upload away. Upload your logo or company name.

Car Couch

The Beko Gear Car Couch is a 4'x8' car-liner that protects the interior of your car while carrying messy cargo - such as kids, paint, surfboards, lumber,tools, pets, and many other items.
It Comes in 3 Sizes: (20") for Small SUV/Hatchback, (24") for Medium SUV's and (26") for Large SUV's

  • Vinyl Python $24.99
  • Grey w Black Fleece $29.99
  • Ballistic w/ Double Fleece $39.99


Beko Gear T-Shirts are Made with Quality Material, and are Available in Many Cool Styles!

  • Mount Rushmore $17.95
  • Beko Gear Logo $17.95
  • Beko Gear Heroes $17.95