About Us

Beko 2010 Rob Up
BXG-Beko Xtreme Gear’s inspiration comes from a lifetime of adventure and wanting to keep my nose protected without having to worry about reapplying sun screen, fogging up my eye wear, or suffering from skin cancer or frostbite. Therefore, I set out to design all season nose/face protection to prevent skin cancer and frostbite that won’t over heat and fog up your eye wear.

BXG offers new fabric technology that’s light-weight, breathable and hand-washable which allows you to comfortably protect your nose and face in either hot or cold climate.

Beko Xtreme Gear reduces your exposure to the sun in a fun and effective manner that exceeds all other modern remedies to protect against skin cancer and frostbite without compromising comfort or performance. Beko nose covers are available in 5 sizes.

BXG face masks: Cheeko, Peeko, and Fantom are currently available in two sizes: M/S and M/L. Beko nose covers offer a total sunblock that attaches to all three types of eye wear: wire frame, plastic frame, and ski goggles.

BXG face masks were created with proper ventilation that leaves the back of the neck uncovered to prevent overheating which causes your eye wear to fog up. Obviously, fogged up eye wear is seriously dangerous, because, it’s essential to be able to see where you’re headed to avoid dangerous obstacles and cliffs.

BXG proprietary fabric technology was invented as a replacement or improvement to Neoprene.

Beko is currently being utilized as a post medical device across the globe to protect skin cancer patients from harmful UV Rays after surgery. Beko is also a great way to reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, too.

Beko is gaining popularity everywhere in between the beaches of Florida all the way to the peak of the world’s highest mountains.

Beko was built with speed and performance in mind to protect the nose while recreating at top speed or just floating on a raft.

Thank you for all your support and inspiration.